We’ll help you keep your gums healthy so that your mouth and body stay healthy too

Did you know that the effects of periodontal (gum) disease can spread to the rest of your body if left unattended? The pockets lying under teeth are attractions for infection and disease-causing bacteria. We’re here to help you fight gum disease!

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Gum Disease Treatment in Braintree, MA

Maintaining a healthy mouth starts with the gums. We make sure to closely examine gums for signs of periodontal disease during every hygiene appointment.

Gum disease is usually caused by plaque, a sticky film of bacteria that constantly forms on teeth. Plaque is usually the main culprit behind gum disease. Improper oral hygiene routines can lead to gums becoming irritated and inflamed. This irritated tissue can open up pockets as it separates from teeth. Bacteria then move into these open spaces and can destroy tooth support structure. Come see us or give us a call to see how we can help you in your fight against gum disease.

At Allen Dental Associates, we are passionate about providing all-encompassing dental care. Our extensive service regimen goes beyond the teeth and into the gums. When you choose us to help you combat gum disease you can expect:

  • Painless and quick treatment from highly qualified professionals
  • A treatment plan tailored exclusively to your oral health needs
  • Treatment using only the best equipment and most advanced methods
  • People who are passionate about helping you achieve a healthy mouth and body

Frequently Asked Questions

What is periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease is another word for gum disease. It is an infection of the gums and bone that surrounds the teeth. Gum disease is recognized as the leading cause of tooth loss in adults.

How can I prevent gum disease?

Regular brushing and flossing combined with semi-annual checkup/hygiene appointments will get you well on your way to fighting and preventing gum disease.

What are some symptoms of gum disease?

Bleeding and sensitive gums are the most common signs of gum disease. Come see us if you are worried that you may be experiencing symptoms of gum disease.

Will my periodontal appointments be painful?

Depending on the condition of your gums, treatment will vary. We will work with you to ensure your comfort as we customize a treatment plan just for you. Please don’t hesitate to communicate any concerns with us so that we may better provide more comfortable and pain-free treatment options.

Will my insurance cover the cost of my treatment?

Most insurance companies will cover a portion of your periodontics treatment. However, insurance varies on a case-by-case basis. For this reason, we recommend contacting your insurance provider directly to get a full explanation of coverage.

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