Dental Bridges

We’ll help you repair damaged teeth so that you can get back to smiling with confidence.

Dental bridges can easily and effectively fill gaps between healthy teeth to cosmetically improve your smile and enhance your oral health. A bridge can help you save your natural teeth and avoid dentures.

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Dental Bridges, Braintree MA

If you want to fill the gap in your smile safely, painlessly, and effectively, a dental bridge might be for you! Dental bridges are effective for people who:

  • Are missing teeth between surrounding healthy structure
  • Want to enhance their smile and boost confidence

Dental bridges restore smiles by filling in the gaps left by missing teeth. Bridges are cemented to healthy tooth structure on either side of the affected area, providing a stable and durable replacement. The healthy teeth adjacent to the gap will be prepared by eliminating a small amount of structure before the bridge is securely fastened. Bridges allow you to keep your healthy teeth, while restoring the beauty in your smile.

At Allen Dental Associates, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the most comfortable and effective treatment options possible. Your dental bridge from us will be:

  • Safe, painless, durable, and effective
  • Installed with the latest technology and techniques
  • A confidence boost and will lead to a better smile

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my teeth have to be shaved into tiny points?

Contrary to popular belief, a minimal amount of healthy tooth structure will require removal. Our advanced techniques and technology allow us to provide a stable and durable dental bridge while allowing you to keep as much of your healthy teeth as possible.

Will it be painful?

Most patients find the installation of a dental bridge to be painless. We will work with you to explore your needs and concerns in order to provide the most comfortable experience possible.

What should I do to care for my dental bridge?

Caring for your bridge is no different than caring for the rest of your mouth. Regular brushing and flossing will ensure that your dental bridge lasts. There is no need to worry about what you’re eating either! Your bridge will be secure and durable.

Will my insurance cover the cost of my treatment?

To find out exactly what your coverage includes, contacting your insurance provider is often the best option. However, dental crowns are typically not covered by basic insurance.

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